Study at Umma University

Study at Umma University

Why Study at UMMA?

Umma University (UU) is a student-centred University. We provide Quality services in order to produce a holistic graduate. We excel in research, ensuring that the research knowledge generated is transformed to useful application in the humankind.

Below are the Reasons why we are the “University of Choice”

Umma University main campus in Kenya is located only 85Km from Nairobi City on the Kajiado Namanga Highway. The institution is located between Isinya and Kajiado town and it is 8 Km from Kajiado.

Teaching excellence
The University is well equipped with teaching facilities ranging from modern lecture halls furnished with Smartboards, ultra-modern laboratory for Science and Technology and the Nursing skill Lab.

Umma offers quality Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Master’s Degree. This is evident by the many alumni who are stirring the job market across the Kenya and around the world. The university facilitates student industry placement during attachments and job network through the Umma Alumni.

High completion rate for Postgraduate studies
Postgraduate studies at Umma is done within the standard and completed in time. The University has set up the School of Postgraduate Studies (SPS) and the Directorate of Research, Outreach and Innovation (DROI). Through these directorates, our postgraduate students receive all the necessary assistance in their studies, which enables them finish studies in time.

Flexible Modes of Learning

The University has put in place an all accommodating mode of learning. At Umma, there are normal regular weekday classes for undergraduate students, there is weekend classes for working staff and Distance learning for those far away from the university.

Umma University Students Support Programme (UU-SSP)
UU-SSP is a student support program aimed at providing aid for Umma University students in order to produce all rounded graduates who will utilize their knowledge and skills to empower their communities.