Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Idle Farah

Brief Biography

dr idleDr. Idle Farah, born in Wajir County in the vast Northern arid lands of Kenya has over 27 years’ experience in Public Service at Senior Management levels. Between 2003 and 2014, Dr. Farah held the position of Director General of the National Museums of Kenya, an eminent and worldrenowned state research and academic institution responsible for the cultural and natural heritage of Kenya through actions of preservation, research and public education. After eleven years at the helm, NMK is now an ISO 9001:2008 Certified, employing over one thousand staff members, with a turnover budget of over two (2) billion shillings per annum and with an operational Endowment Fund. Dr. Farah has also served as a Director of the Institute of Primate Research, a biomedical research institute that is one of the many components of the National Museums of Kenya.

Dr. Farah has served membership in several national and international platforms including the
Commission for Higher Education (now Commission for University Education), the International Board for the Centre for Heritage Development in Africa, the Kenya National Commission to UNESCO and the National Task Force to develop Guidelines on the use and care for laboratory animals in research.

Dr. Farah has portrayed his astute Managerial Skills by successfully steering the transformation of the National Museums of Kenya and significantly contributing to the reforms in the Higher Education sector in Kenya. As Chairman of the University Council, Dr. Farah has overseen the smooth transition of the University of Nairobi Management leadership from long serving Vice Chancellor, Prof. George Magoha to Prof. Peter M. Mbithi.

Dr. Farah is a veterinarian with post graduate specialization in comparative medicine. His research interests are in veterinary medicine with emphasis on comparative medicine, pathology and pathogenesis as regards natural infectious diseases as well as disease models in old world nonhuman primates. He is an expert in primate pathology and disease diagnostics. He is an Alumni of University of Nairobi (BVM) and Uppsala University, Sweden (PhD) He has been involved in several pioneering studies investigating the suitability of non-human primates as models for human diseases of importance in Africa. Dr. Farah is a proponent of laboratory animal welfare and ethical use of animals in research and has actively participated in many fora in this topical area. Dr. Farah is the recipient of several high level awards and funding from a number of funding agencies including the National Institute of Health USA), World Health Organization, the European Union, USAID, Consortium for National Health Research (Kenya) and National Council of Science and Technology, among others. He is well published authoring over thirty publications in peer reviewed journals, book Chapters and co-supervised a number of postgraduate students.