Research Funded in 2019

Names of researcher Title of the Research Project
1 Dr. Wainaina Alice Social Media Tools for the Agricultural Sector of Kajiado County
2 Grace Muira Wainaina Impact of Mobile phone technology in the family to enhance safe motherhood in Kajiado County
3 Ann Maguta Strategic Partnering between County Government of Kajiado and Cattle Farmers for Value Addition
4 Prof. Mohamed Karama A National Assessment of the Madrasa System of Education in Kenya:  A Case Study of Selected Counties
5 Prof. Mohamed Karama Cause and implication of the strike by the Nurses, the community and the healthcare managers in Kajiado County
6 Dr. Edward Wasike Financial insights on performance of greenhouses in Kenya: A Survey of green houses in Isinya, Kajiado County
7 Nurwin Fozia (now done by Odolloh) The Role of Knowledge Management Strategies in Enhancing Employee Performance in Universities in Kenya
8 Dr. Agnes Munene Financial Literacy and Stock Market Participation. A case study of Kajiado County
9 Dr. Saad Minado Evaluating operational constraints facing Islamic institutions and its competitiveness with conventional banks in Kenya
10 Dr. Abu Mohamed Bakari تعاطىي القات آثاره وعلاجه في المجتمع المسلم بساحل كينيا
11 Vincent O. Macmbinji & Nassim Salim Hadi Integrated Therapy Approach for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Case in Mombasa County, Kenya
12 Dr. Ali Adan Integrated rainwater harvesting practices as adaptation strategy to climate change in Kajiado County

Registrar Research, Innovation and Outreach


Dr. Ali Adan
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