International Student experience

Welcome to Umma University Kenya.

Umma University is a chartered University in Kenya accredited by the Commission for University Education (CUE).The University combines Islamic moral and ethical orientation with practical learning in the school of Nursing and Midwifery, school of Sharia and Islamic studies, school of Law and Sharia, school of Business and Technology and school of Education with the aim of nurturing scholars with valid moral and ethical approach to leadership. Visit for detailed information on academic programmers. 

Umma University admits qualified candidates from all over the world. All foreign students are required to apply for student pass (Kenya Student Pass) to study in Kenya. 


This is a document issued to applicants (foreign students) pursuant to section 30 (1) of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulations 2012 who wish to pursue their education in Kenya where they have been admitted 


  1. Signed commitment letter from the sponsor 
  2. Copy of national passport  of the sponsor-both new and renewal 
  3. Proof of funds for self-sponsored students 
  4. Copy of a valid national passport (The bio-data page) 
  5. Current immigration status for the student-both new and renewal cases 
  6. Current two (2)passport size coloured photos.
  7.  Duly certified copies of basic academic certificates for those joining Tertiary institutions and universities-New cases- Visit for more information on online applications and processing of Alignment of foreign academic qualifications. 


8. Consent letter from the parents (for minors) 

9. Copy of parents national passport (for minors) 

10. Copy of birth certificate (for minors) 

11. Clearance letter from the department of Refugee Affairs (for refugees) 

12. Police clearance certificate 

I am a Computer Science Student from Zambia and have been in Umma University for more than a year and I can say, my experience as an international student has generally been very positive.

What impresses me about Umma is the high quality education system, the efficiently operating administration, beautiful and modern infrastructure, over and above all, am in love with the university environment; very serene and inspiring.

Umma university offers an ideal multicultural environment. I have been able to socialize with many other international classmates and expanded my social network through several students’ groups via WhatsApp and physical contact groups through which we often fun organize events and activities.