School of Sharia and Islamic Studies


This academic programme is tailored to address both personal need for Islamic education as well as society’s need for highly trained instructors of Islamic knowledge. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world according many authorities. It is also the subject of much fascination, speculation and misinterpretation. The Master of Arts in Islamic Studies programme equips graduates with knowledge and tools of correct teachings and interpretation of Islam.

The graduates can work in such occupations as teaching and preaching, Imams, consultants for business enterprises and government and leaders of Non-governmental organizations. The knowledge of Islam is also vital for personal spiritual and professional development. The knowledge of ethics and morality is also vital for good governance in public and business enterprises.

Course duration : 2 Yr Degree Level : Master’s Degree


Programmes Offered

School of Islamic Studies

• Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies
• Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Sharia
• Diploma in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language
• Certificate in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language



Islamic Sheria Department

Islamic Studies Department

Arabic Department


Dean School of Sharia & Islamic Studies

Dr. Mohamud Mohamed