ms grace.fwThe Department of Midwifery Reproductive health and Gender studies (MR is housed in the School of Nursing and Midwifery of Umma University.The department has specialist academic, clinical and support staff ready to teach and mentor students in theoretical, clinical and research aspects in order to enhance evidence based practice as well as uphold best practices in Midwifery, reproductive and Gender issues.

The teaching and supporting staff in the department emphasize on integrity, professionalism, responsiveness and excellence of practice. This is because, the professionals in this department are committed to propel this department to be a Center of Excellence as they train and mentor students to embrace Midwifery and reproductive and Gender health as an important field to usher humanity into the world. We strive to make the families, communities and the world at large have positive and memorable moments of Reproductive and Childbirthing process as well as embrace their Gender and sexuality responsibilities.

The academic, clinical and mentoring staff are committed to nurture students to enhance client empowerment, uphold their dignity and power for themselves, their families communities and the whole world in the 21st century. During the students training, they are exposed to Level five hospitals, county hospitals as well as community experience in order to practice and be all rounded in all the levels of Health. The faculty therefore welcomes the students into this department of excellence.

Up-coming programme in the Department include:
Masters of Science in Midwifery
Masters of Science in Reproductive Health


Ms Grace Wainaina BSCN, MSCN (Maternal and Neonatal Health), PhD on -going
HOD Midwifery and Reproductive Health and Gender Studies